Photography for the Financial Services & Real Estate Sector--what's left of it ;)--smile 2010 will be better!

Since our transition to Digital Imaging and capture in the late 90s, the lines have been increasingly blurred between "photographer" and "designer."  We would convey our image ideas to an art director that may or may not produce the final results we had anticipated. The digital world has given us much more control. How might we improve your image? 

digital group business portraits for PR retouched 

All the associates could not make it on one digital magic makes it happen!

contemporary headshot business portrait for PR composite financial sector   

Good examples of dynamic imagery to get your message across.

Gary has been doing a series of ads for Shinn & Company repeated bring home the firms message. We are responsible for the design/photography/concept of these.


And they added a new partner.....


Byron testified in Washington DC before congress! Congrats.

Real Estate

Darcie Duncan has 2 locations. Gary conceived this 2 sided color card to show both!

And years later, Darcie as our 2018 Chamber President:

Darcie Duncan Manatee Chamber President 2018


Below is an example of a typical Real Estate postcard - very practical, but missing something.

Real Estate Direct Mail Postcard BEFORE

Now you can see the vast experience at Gary W. Sweetman Photography. Not only is the postcard practical, it is interesting to look at! Let Gary W. Sweetman help you with your design needs.

Real Estate Direct Mail Postcard AFTER

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