Dear Gary, 

Our new brochure is receiving rave reviews from everyone who sees it! 

And, of course, the Florida Print Association has named it the Best in Category at their recent judging! 

Thanks for a job well done, on time and under budget! I seem to be overusing exclamation points but I want to be sure you understand how much I appreciate your role in the production of our brochure. Your innovative use of film and digital photography provided a very cost-effective approach that resulted in an award-winning finished product. 

Working with a company that possesses the level of creativity and professionalism of Sweetman Photography is truly surprising and refreshing; in my experience the two donít always go hand-in-hand. 

Thanks again. I look forward to working with you on our next project. 


Doyle DeWoody
Atlantic Teleconnect Inc.


Dear Gary,

Who took the picture? That's the question I get every time I give out a card. Great work, thanks for helping me out.


Dean Miller, President
Guitar Artistry & Song


Dear Gary:

Yesterday, I finally got around to viewing the Banyan photo CD-R you so thoughtfully left for me at the theater. I found your work for us this season absolutely first-rate. As you well know, theatrical photos are very tricky and not only necessitate a profound command of photography, but also a theatrical senseóa rare combination, in my judgment. You got it, my friend! You captured the essence of the performances as much as any photographer Iíve worked with. It was also a pleasure to see you in the theatre, always a personal treat for me to interact with you. So I appreciate your working with Banyan, the disk, as well as the piece on Dick Fallon. 


Gil Lazier, Artistic Director, Banyan Theater Company, Dean of Theatre Emeritus, Florida State University


Dear Gary,

Our annual report will soon go to press, and your photos are just what we needed to help communicate the need for community involvement with the American Heart Association.

You have an innate ability to vividly capture the emotions of your subjects. The photos will help us communicate our message on a more personal level.

Your generous contribution to our organization is so appreciated. 

Best Regards,

Terry Ingraham
Vice President, Communications American Heart Association



The photos are supreme! Some of the best pre-pro stuff I've ever had!

Kelly Fores,

Executive Director Manatee Film Commission, Publicist Banyan Theater Company.


I sent the package via FedEx yesterday. Whew! What a job.

April 29th is the big day. Thank you for all of your work--the perfect word for the photos is "fabulous".

I'll let you know how it goes. If we win, I'll probably want to order more
pictures for plaques--that's the next project.

Thank you again and Happy Easter.

Lacey H. C. Willard
United States General Services Administration