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Fine Art-Infrared Photography-Photography for Artists, Crafts-persons, Craft-makers, Sculptors, Jewelers, Printmakers, Giclee and portfolio. Website development for Artists, Limited Edition photography and collectibles.

Are you an Artist looking for your work to be photographed for submission to juries and/or reproduction (like Giclee')? Yes we do that both in transparency and digital capture. From Sculptors and Craftsman to Jewelers and painters we have photographed it all for over 38 years!  As well as photographing your artwork, we can build a dynamic DVD show for WEB, tradeshow or looping on monitors in your business or gallery. Click the one below to see Dixie's Gemagination.

Sandy Brawner Equestrian Artist portrait, biz cards, giclee

As well as photographing her fine equestrian paintings to make giclees, we did a simple website, biz and postcard photography/design/printing. One stop shopping! Take a peek>http://www.sandybrawner.com

Art Glass photography in situ Sweetman Photo Dale Chilhuly Art Glass photography in situ Sweetman Photo

Art Glass, Studio glass phototgraphy: always challenging. Pick the right angle or create them all.


Fine Art and Fine Art Photography Click each image for a bigger view.

As an avid collector for more than 40 years, Mr. Sweetman has made certain prints/paintings and collectibles available for purchase. His personal infrared photography is also available in limited editions and custom sizes. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see some examples.

Dorthea Lange: Migrant Mother original photo for sale  Dorthea Lange: Migrant Mother (silver Gelatin)

English Nobelman Silver Gelatin Portrait

Yuri Gorbachev: Original Russian Painting Yuri Gorbachev: Original Russian Painting

Early New York City Panoramic photograph

McVickers New Theatre 1872 London. Hamlet Cast photo. Edwin Booth included. McVickers New Theatre 1872 London. Hamlet Cast photo. Edwin Booth included.

You have the reassurance of a trusted, stable "bricks & mortar" establishment with reputation and credentials...and of course a guarantee!

Click the image below to see much more of Gary's Everglades and Big Cypress swamp series. Prints start as low as $49.


Great Smokey Mountains, North Carolina                                            And Isla Morada Florida

Enchanted Fairie house. Bath, England


Upper Nile, near Aswan, Egypt. not the people walking to market along the river.  And Sarahan sands, near Saqqara, Egypt.



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