Using the latest developments in digital imaging, Gary W. Sweetman Photography is able to offer our clients Professional high-end digital imaging for business, PR, publication, and/or display of amazing quality!

Our DigiPix services include the photo session (with a choice of background), our stunning retouching*, simultaneous capture in B&W and color, and your choice of one electronic file (to CD, burned to your USB drive, or emailed). Now only $179.for the first individual. ($20.Discount for additional same time DigiPix sessions and 2 for1 during our annual January B&W Sale)
Electronic Files can be for publication (usually CMYK), MEDIA (general RGB but print resolution), WEB, Facebook, LinkedIN, and Black and White (greyscale images) Additional converted files are $18.95.

If you want additional looks such as a clothing change, some full length or ¾ photos, or different backgrounds you can add an expansion for only $69.95 each. Each expansion includes one retouching and one more file.

Is there more than one person in the photograph? Add $49.95 – which includes retouching!  Group DigiPix are $199.95. We also have multiple session discounts with complete DigiPix sessions as low as $89.95!

PRINTS: A Digisheet is a photographic unit (not an inkjet output) that consists of 1-8x10, 2-5x7s, or 4-4x6s. A DigiSheet may be Black and White or Color (not mixed). Additional DigiSheets are available at $49.95 for the first of each type of DigiSheet. For each duplicate of an existing DigiSheet (an additional set of 8x10's, 5x7's, or 4x6's) the price drops to only $24.95!



Other reprints: 16x20 = $349 (includes mounting to tempered hardboard and lacquer spray), 11x14=$79 (+ mount)
Wallets; 8/$29.95, 16/$39.95, 24/$49.95
Typesetting (name, position, company) is just $ 12.95. (per image, NOT per print)

Basic Retouching:

Included with your DigiPix session is our basic retouching service. This includes working under the eyes, smoothing smile lines, removing minor blemishes, any glare on glasses, and reduction of facial shine as needed. The initial retouching of the DigiPix image from your session is included. Additional images can be retouched for $29.95 each.

Advanced Retouching:

This service is for more intensive retouching, including smoothing the subject’s neck or dental reconstruction (not including braces removal). You can upgrade the inclusive retouching for the difference and additional image retouchings are $39.95 each.

Extreme Retouching:

This service is for complex retouchings like removal of braces, severe acne, lid lifts, and weight recontouring. You can upgrade the inclusive retouching for the difference and additional image retouchings are $49.95 each.

Technical Stuff

File conversion to another format is $18.95 each. Reorders down the line? There is a $19.95 charge to e-mail a single file – additional files are $9.95 each. We cannot e-mail large files, as they frequently corrupt on the Internet. The first file uploaded to an FTP site is $39.95 and each additional image is $9.95, If the e-mail address provided to us in incorrect, or the recipient’s “box is full”, or their SPAM protection does not allow files from unknown senders, or client is charged for the files and services requested as the problems are not from GWSP. Curent pricing supercedes web-pricing if applicable.